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A note to Mom

IMG_9807IMG_9801IMG_9803IMG_9800Dear Mom,
Thank you for sending this quilt to me. I remember when it was on my bed as a kid and I am so happy to be able to use it again after all these years. I love looking at the squares remembering a dress, a hat, or maybe just a pattern or color combination. It all comes together in such a wonderful way. Seeing all of these fabrics together makes me realize how much of an influence they have had on what I like today. Simple patterns and lots of color make me happy! Thank you for making this quilt for me long ago and for getting it back into my hands to enjoy for many more years.
Love, Karen
P.S. The portrait is of me as a four year old wearing a dress my mom made for me. The fabric she used is in the quilt block to the right of the portrait. The yellow calico with the red apples and black leaf sprigs.


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IMG_9736IMG_9742IMG_9744IMG_9745IMG_9739IMG_9741Happy birthday to Julia, my awesome sister-in-law! She is celebrating her 40th today! For the occasion I made her a tote bag with a sweet little Dutch girl embroidery on it. Julia is Dutch so I was happy I had something meaningful to incorporate into this tote for her. The rose barkcloth was found at Nolt’s Bargain Barn in Martinsburg, PA. I actually think Julia was with me when I found this fabric a few summers ago. Happy Birthday Julia! I am so glad you are my sister! xoxo K.

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IMG_9583IMG_9584IMG_9585My Aunt Jackie ordered this tote for my cousin’s wife for Christmas. Jackie wanted a peace themed tote so I knew I wanted to add a bit of embroidery to give it that 60’s feel. The Stitchery Book from my previous post had these lazy daisy flowers which were perfect for it. This fabric has been one of my all time favorites to work with. It use to be several pairs of curtains in it’s past life. The denim was a pair of repurposed jeans I just sent this off last night and it should arrive in Pennsylvania by Friday. Nothing like last minute sewing to keep life exciting…

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