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IMG_9583IMG_9584IMG_9585My Aunt Jackie ordered this tote for my cousin’s wife for Christmas. Jackie wanted a peace themed tote so I knew I wanted to add a bit of embroidery to give it that 60’s feel. The Stitchery Book from my previous post had these lazy daisy flowers which were perfect for it. This fabric has been one of my all time favorites to work with. It use to be several pairs of curtains in it’s past life. The denim was a pair of repurposed jeans I just sent this off last night and it should arrive in Pennsylvania by Friday. Nothing like last minute sewing to keep life exciting…


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Completed Tote!


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I see owl eyes

img_0596Whoa! Two posts in one day.  I am getting out of control already!  I am just dying to share my Owl Tote with the world.  On a recent trip to Savers (one of my favorite thrifting haunts) I found this amazing crochet throw.  It is pictured in my header picture.  The colors and circular patterns were calling to me and for only $7.99 how could I resist?  I have been having this major urge to make tote bags and especially tote bags featuring iconic 70’s images (owls, butterflies, turtle.. get my drift?).  I got the throw home and I took it out of the bag.  All of a sudden, all I could see were hundreds of owl eyes staring at me.  I was giddy!  Now I know some people would never THINK of cutting into something like that but it was too late.  I had to see my vision become a reality.  I used new fabrics and a piece of navy gingham that I had gotten at Salvation Army (aka Salvie’s Boutique).  Here is a picture of the project in process.  I am having technical diffuculties getting the picture of the finished tote and will post this later.  I have to say I LOVE THIS BAG!

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