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IMG_9736IMG_9742IMG_9744IMG_9745IMG_9739IMG_9741Happy birthday to Julia, my awesome sister-in-law! She is celebrating her 40th today! For the occasion I made her a tote bag with a sweet little Dutch girl embroidery on it. Julia is Dutch so I was happy I had something meaningful to incorporate into this tote for her. The rose barkcloth was found at Nolt’s Bargain Barn in Martinsburg, PA. I actually think Julia was with me when I found this fabric a few summers ago. Happy Birthday Julia! I am so glad you are my sister! xoxo K.


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IMG_9771IMG_9770IMG_9768IMG_9772My friend Dawn found this tea towel at a thrift store almost two years ago. She gave it to me and I have been meaning to make her a tote out of it for about that long. She is my thrift store hero. She can find the *Best* stuff. In fact, she was visiting me last weekend and found a pair of Kate Spade leather sandals that were maybe worn once or twice. I think the price was something crazy like $7.99. She has a way sniffing out the really good expensive stuff and buying it for a song. I got inspired to get this tote done this week and it really turned out nicely. I have been collecting these tea towels and plan to make a one of a map of Royal Britain next.

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