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IMG_9787IMG_9773IMG_9785IMG_9781IMG_9783IMG_9776IMG_9793IMG_9782IMG_9778IMG_9777IMG_9788The Oakland White Elephant sale is an event that I look forward to each year. I met my friend Lisa there bright and early yesterday morning. It was a gorgeous day, clear and cool but not too cold. Here are some pictures of my finds. Cheerful, bright and quirky just the way I like them! I had to think twice about the lion but then I couldn’t imagine leaving him behind. I actually met a woman in the embroidery section who flies in yearly from Connecticut. Now that is what I call dedication.


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Last night I got a call from my dear friend Brenda who informed me that today – yes today – was the annual White Elephant sale in Oakland!!! I swiftly changed my plans so I could be on the road by 8:00 a.m. Traffic was great and the day was beautiful as I drove towards that beacon of thrifting heaven. The wait in line seemed quick as I visited with long time friends and met new ones. Everyone seemed so happy to be there whether they were working at the event or there to shop. It is like a big gathering of kindred spirits! Here are a few pictures of the treasures that I found. Some will end up at totes and others are just perfect the way they are and will end up hanging on my walls. Oh, happy day!

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So yesterday was my 43rd birthday. I was gone all day but came home to this…It looked so good that I woke up Jeff and Avery and tried to wake up Will (he is a very sound sleeper) and we three had a slice of this delicious German chocolate cake at 10:30 pm. It is fun eating cake late at night. I recommend it!

The day started off early with a drive to Oakland to the White Elephant Sale benefiting the Oakland Museum. I had met my friend Lisa here last year so we decided to do it again this year. Since we were familiar with the lay out of the warehouse and each of us knew what we were looking for, as soon as we entered, we made a bee-line to our favorite areas. First I hit the linens area where I found these fabulous crewel work and needlepoint pillows that will be turned into totes. I found some other things too that i will post tomorrow. Next, I headed to the sewing section that has loads of fabrics, trims, buttons and finished embroidery. This is where I found the little rooster crewel work bell pull and the fab owl stitchery. After the Elephant sale, we went to Berkeley and ate brunch at the wonderful Rick and Ann’s Cafe then headed to Fourth St. for more shopping and lots of talking and catching up. The day ended at a Japanese restaurant where at the next table another Karen was celebrating her birthday. When they found out that it was my birthday too, I got a dish of green tea ice cream and the birthday song sung to me by Lisa, two waitresses and a table full of kindly strangers. It was the perfect day!

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