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IMG_9736IMG_9742IMG_9744IMG_9745IMG_9739IMG_9741Happy birthday to Julia, my awesome sister-in-law! She is celebrating her 40th today! For the occasion I made her a tote bag with a sweet little Dutch girl embroidery on it. Julia is Dutch so I was happy I had something meaningful to incorporate into this tote for her. The rose barkcloth was found at Nolt’s Bargain Barn in Martinsburg, PA. I actually think Julia was with me when I found this fabric a few summers ago. Happy Birthday Julia! I am so glad you are my sister! xoxo K.


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Fall is almost here and now that the kids are back in school, I have some time to go over the pictures that I took on our summer adventures. First up are these little beauties. Our trip to Pennsylvania is never complete without our daily trek to Nolt’s Bargain Barn in Martinsburg. The more you dig through the stuff, the more you find! I located a zip lock baggie full of these sweet fabrics. I think they were intended to be used in a sunbonnet sue quilt because many of them were cut into what looked like little dress shapes. The patterns and color pallets are so beautiful.

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