IMG_9693IMG_9695IMG_9694IMG_9697This wreath may be verging on obnoxious but I was looking for something repetitive and creative to do while watching tv over the Holidays. We had lots of football and Downton Abby to watch so this project was perfect. I find it hard to throw away scraps of fabric especially since most of the stuff I use is vintage. I have a big glass candy jar that I stuff all of my scraps into so most of the pieces I used came straight from there. I simply tore the fabric into about 5″ x 3/4″ strips and looped them on to a wire wreath form. The form had four rings on it so the effect is full and fluffy. I added a paisley heart trimed in rick rack so it will hang on the front door through Valentine’s Day. Thank you to my friends Shannon and Laura for the inspiration.


Just finished wrapping the final gifts. I had forgotten about this vintage wrap I had gotten a few years ago at a thrift store in San Jose and had it packed away with the other Christmas wrapping paper. I love the colors and the slightly off register printing gives it a sweet nostalgic look. It is also little yellowed with the years. Happy Christmas Eve to all!

IMG_9588IMG_9576IMG_9577IMG_9580We got our glass fusing pieces back! Everyone’s turned out brilliantly!!! From left, the owl is mine, the gorgeous orange and purple piece belongs to Nilgun, the cheerful poppy belongs to Mary and the minimalist green and brown beauty belongs to Traci. We all agree that we want to go back to the San Jose Glass Artists Alliance soon. In the mean time we are all planning our next glass masterpiece.

A tote for Robin

IMG_9583IMG_9584IMG_9585My Aunt Jackie ordered this tote for my cousin’s wife for Christmas. Jackie wanted a peace themed tote so I knew I wanted to add a bit of embroidery to give it that 60’s feel. The Stitchery Book from my previous post had these lazy daisy flowers which were perfect for it. This fabric has been one of my all time favorites to work with. It use to be several pairs of curtains in it’s past life. The denim was a pair of repurposed jeans I just sent this off last night and it should arrive in Pennsylvania by Friday. Nothing like last minute sewing to keep life exciting…

IMG_9551IMG_9556IMG_9558IMG_9562IMG_9567This book was unearthed a few weeks ago at a used book store. I *love* it! Especially since I have been feeling the urge to embroider lately. When I was a Girl Scout back in the 70’s, my mom, who was the scout leader, made little books for each of us out of a heavy weight cotton. Each page of the book was for a different stitch for us to try such as chain stitch, running stitch, blanket stitch etc. and it was a great reference when it was finished. I really loved making that little book. I started reading “The Stitchery Book” and enjoyed the approachability of it. The women who wrote it (Irene Preston Miller and Winifred Lubell) really had a love of the craft and wanted to share it in a friendly, fun way. Some of the projects include taking a “stitchery walk” where you create a little map of a town or neighborhood using decorative stitches. Another is to make a fabric and stitchery collage of your family. I want to try both of these projects out!

Pink and Aqua. I love this combo. Most of these bits and bobs were found at estate sales too. Ok, now that the wreaths are made, time for some present making! That starts today.

IMG_9525IMG_9522IMG_9524IMG_9528Estate sales are such a great Place to find the odd holiday decoration. This year I happened upon two or three sales that had lots of fun vintage Christmas items. I have been itching for YEARS to put together some wreaths packed with masses of stuff just oozing that “Holly, Jolly Christmas” feeling. For some reason, today was the day. I didn’t plan it to be but I wanted to do something creative and this fit the bill perfectly. I started with a foam form from Michaels, wrapped it in red and white gingham, plugged in the hot glue gun and got busy. It was a blast! Next up, Kitschy Christmas Wreath #2 in an aqua and pink color scheme.