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I have been planning to design, sketching designs and re-sketching business card ideas for myself for literally over a decade! I get crazy trying to fit the look, feel and information that represents me and my art on a little piece of card stock… eeekkk! Now that I will be showing my totes next month at the Poppy Farm Fair I felt that I really NEEDED to have a card. Today I found a business card printer online and got to work. This is the picture I took for the front of the card. It will be cropped down so the main focus is the little elf. Maybe I will actually send this off to the printer tomorrow. It will be a long time coming and I am looking forward to receiving that shipment!

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No pictures today, just the story of my morning so here it is… I have been looking forward to a trip to San Francisco with my friend Ann to see the Van Gogh, Gauguin, C├ęzanne and Beyond exhibition at the De Young Museum and today was the day! I got up early to ensure that everything would run smoothly. The following events happened between 7:55- 8:30 am this morning…

1. Plugged my GPS (her name is Genevieve) into the car just to get the morning started right. The address was written on a piece of paper so I could type it into the GPS when I left to pick up Ann.

2. The kids and I are all in the mini van but Avery forgot her trumpet so she jumped out to get it.

3. Our mini van (her name is June Clever) had a dead battery and wouldn’t start.

4. We shift cars to Jeff’s truck but the back seat is overflowing with sleeping bags, beach chairs and a cooler. The kids and I unload swiftly and pile in the truck.

5. The mini van is parked BEHIND the huge F150.

6. I start taking mini movements back and forth to try to get out of the small area with out harming June Cleaver. Then, CrAcK… I jump out and check on June. Her front headlight is cracked.

7. I run into the house like a damsel in distress to get Jeff to help us. I put June in neutral and the kids and Jeff push June back to give us more room to back out.

8. We are free and start heading down the driveway. I glance at the fuel gauge and it is on EMPYT!!!

9. As I drive the kids to school, they compose a speech to give the ladies at the office as to why they are tardy. The sun is so blinding on the window I have to drive 3 mph just for safety.

10. I drop the kids off at school and high tail it to the gas station. The clock is ticking…

11. While I wait for the gas to pump, I decide to type in the address into my GPS. I hear a crunch… the glass front of the GPS cracks and no matter how many times I press the area to continue, nothing happens. Genevieve is broken… I loved her…

12. I realized that I have forgotten my phone and head home to get it and to print out directions to the De Young. I get home, grab the phone then search for the museum address on my computer and press print. The printer is forebodingly dark… not a good sign. I call for Jeff again and he informs me that the printer is unplugged and will take a while to warm up to print. I get out my trusty pen and paper and write the directions the old fashioned way.

13. I said goodbye to Jeff and told him that with the way my day started, I may not be back and thanked him for a good life together.

I am happy to say that after all of this, the drive to and from the museum was uneventful and the exhibit was simply wonderful. I am hoping for a really low key regular day tomorrow.

Good night!

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Extreme Measures…

I won’t deny that our family is a bit quirky. In fact, I believe that most families are. Life is too short not to laugh at the small stuff. One example that comes to mind was when we were first married. I kept hanging my robe on a hook that was right over Jeff’s bath towel . Every time he wanted to use his towel, he had to remove my robe first. He asked me nicely several times not to hang my robe there but I kept on doing it… not to be irritating but I just didn’t know where else to put it. One day I went to hang up my robe and guess what?! The hook was gone! Jeff just solved his problem by removing the hook. I laughed so hard at his common sense solution and had to admire his wit. The other day I was reminded of another example as I wrapped gifts with a pair of Fiskar scissors weighed down by a motorcycle lock. Everyone kept borrowing Jeff’s scissors and not returning them to his desk. His first solution was to tie one end of a piece of twine to the scissors and then the other end to his computer but that didn’t last long because Avery needed them one day and simply cut the twine. The next step was to attach this cumbersome motorcycle lock to the scissors. It usually helps them to stay put but I was desperately searching the house for something to cut wrapping paper with and these were all I could find. Today Jeff found his scissors on the dining room table (I had forgotten to put them back on his desk). I wonder what his next solution will be…

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