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This was the last tote that I made before the party last weekend. I found the fabric at the Good Will the day before. I fell in love with the print and colors… pure eye candy! I used a pretty stiff fusible interfacing to make the bag sturdier. It was the first bag to sell and the woman who bought it had on a purple top that looked like it was made to match. The printing on the selvedge says “Jungle Party, A Rowe Fabric.” I looked up Rowe Fabric on ebay and there were other designs for sale but none as fab as this one. I am guessing it is early 1970’s.


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Black Friday

The phrase Black Friday has always sounded depressing to me. Who wants to get up at before the sun rises (not me!) then deal with the traffic (eeew!) and stand in line with coupon crazed customers (no way!). Mom suggested we go to the thrift stores instead. Now that is more like it! We started out at Salvie’s then to the Goodwill. Wow, did I score big today! In the collectible isle on a middle shelf behind some chotchky was a beautiful little bud vase. I carefully snatched it up and on closer inspection, found that it was a piece of Roseville art pottery. It is a beauty. When I got home I looked it up on ebay and found that it is the Baneda pattern and the shape is 605-6. The seller was asking $579.99 for it. Yes, you read that right… $579.99 (I paid less than $5.00). I really don’t think they will get that price but it makes for a great thrift store treasure finding story. It is now on our mantel looking very at home there.

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Ceramic pets

img_1939I am not a huge pet person. I can barely keep up with the family and our aged cat, Sophie. Thank goodness for ceramic pets. They are quiet, don’t poop and you can just hose them off when they get dusty. Here is one bird that hangs out in our front yard. He was an ebay purchase and adds a bit of color and whimsy to the place.

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