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The long holiday weekend was the perfect time to get out in the patio and get it ready for summer. With the help of a blower, soap and water, sponges and two kids wanting to earn allowance, we got it ready and have enjoyed several meals out there already. Just looking at these pictures conjures up many stories of how things ended up here in the patio. The sunflower painting was sitting by my friend Nicole’s garbage cans. I inquired about it and she said an elderly lady had painted it for her husband Brent after he had helped her with some work around her house. Nicole didn’t like it but Brent was having a hard time getting rid of it. I solved the problem by taking it and hanging it in the patio! Now hopefully everyone is happy. I really love the colors and the way it looks hanging on the wall there below the metal peacock. Oh! And the metal peacock is part of a pair and came to me via Dawn who was selling a house and found that these were being left behind. Dawn saved them for me and they seem right at home out in this cheerful mismatched little place that we love to spend time in.


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