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Par Avion

This tote is for my friend Lisa who moved to England earlier this year. I have known what fabric I had wanted to use for a long time but I think that figuring out how to get it to her was kind of putting me in a limbo. A few weeks ago I found out that another friend was going to visit Lisa and I asked her if she would be willing to pack it in her bag. She agreed so I gave it to her on Monday. As far as I know, the tote is up in the air somewhere headed towards Lisa’s home. As for this fabric, I am crazy about it!!! I found it at Alameda Antique Fair months ago and it was love at first sight. In it’s former life, this fabric was three sets of curtains and three valances. The splashy color and style reminds me of illustrations from the 60’s and 70’s. Love. Love. Love!


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Happy Day Gift

The last time my friend Lisa and I were together at the Alameda Point Antique Fair she bought me this little window brooch. I love it so much! One day I would like to incorporate it into my Open Window Studio blog header but for now, I will just enjoy wearing it. Thank you so much Lisa! You know what I love!!

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I have been blessed with a lot of great friends and my friend Heidi is one of the best! She has a huge heart, she is loyal, creative, talented and funny as heck. We live about two hours apart so for our birthdays we meet in Walnut Creek which is a half way point for us. We get a coffee, shop and have lunch. This year I knew I wanted to make Heidi a hand bag for a birthday gift. Her favorite colors are purple and green. I found the little grape trivet at Alameda Point and loved how it added a touch of purple to the green and aqua place mat. The purple shell buttons add the finishing touch. Happy Birthday Heidi! I love you Sister!!

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Mystery Box…

Last week as we pulled in the driveway, we saw this HUGE box on the porch. I thought Jeff had bought a new computer. It was about 2 1/2 feet by 3 feet. We opened it up and found it filled with four more boxes and lots of foam peanuts. We opened those boxes one by one and found various glass bowls, plates an trays in clear, lime and forest green plus a letter from my Aunt in Pennsylvania. All the pieces fit together to form a lazy susan from the 50’s. It belonged to my Grandpa and my aunt and uncle thought I would like it. It is fabulous and will be great for taco night, veggies and dip or buttons and such. Chuck and Jackie, thank you SO much!

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This sweet little decoration is perfect perched on the kitchen window ledge during Christmas.

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Simple decoration

I will never be a minimalist but this year I am trying to keep it simple (at least on the mantel). The branches are from our walnut tree. I spray painted them pale green, put them in a vintage vase that I got at Alameda Point a few years ago then decorated the branches with old glass ornaments and these little clear glass drops that I got at Smith and Hawken before they closed their doors. The branches and ornaments reflect in the mirror from behind so it looks like I have twice as many ornaments! No, I will never be a minimalist…

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Porcelain curiosities

img_4463img_4472img_4474img_4475This is reason #3,268 that proves I am not and never will be a minimalist. I found these little broken bits of figurines at one of my favorite booths at Alameda. I will either make a really crazy mosaic project or just keep them in the vintage planter in our living room and sort through them once in a while.

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