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Kitties in a suitcase…

I recently came across a quote on Pinterest that said, “Most days, I wish I was a cat.” I totally remember feeling that way as a kid when I had to get up and go to school and our cat, Chubby Checker, was sitting in the window being warmed by the sunlight streaming through the window. Now look at our two felines! The luxurious life these boys lead is staggering! I have seen these suitcase beds on Pinterest and Etsy and thought how cute and practical they were. I happened to be at a fabulous antiques and crafts fair in the Santa Cruz mountains last weekend and I spotted this perfect pet bed made out of an old American Tourister suitcase and an old fairisle cardigan sweater. I just knew the cats would love it so I snapped it up (I even carried it around by the handle while I shopped at the fair and got many compliments on it!). Within and hour of getting it home, Clyde, the brown tabby had crawled in and claimed it as his own. Today while I was sewing, I peeked around the corner and they had both squeezed in together! So cute!


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Shlep – To carry or to drag around. English term derived from Yiddish.

My friend Sue commissioned this schlep bag for her friend’s birthday. She came over to pick out the perfect fabric. Since purple and green are her friend’s favorite colors, this mod linen was just right. I think I will have to make many more of these!

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