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Vintage Sheets

I found this vintage fabric print by littleteawagon on Etsy. So true, a vintage sheet does get my heart beating a little faster. I decided to go through my stash and put all my sheets in one place. Here is a sampling of what I found…


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Pansy Ring

We are having a sunny afternoon so I set Avery up in the patio with some vases, flower cuttings and a pansy ring. Here is her gorgeous creation. Truly dazzling!

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Hamm’s Beer hat

Drastic times call for drastic measures… When “please don’t interrupt me, I’m working” doesn’t compute with my wonderful children for the third time in a row, all I have to do is don the Hamm’s Beer hat and they know I mean business. In other words Do. Not. Interrupt. Me. Or. Else. I know I read somewhere about another mom who did a similar thing and when my friend Jenny gave me this hat (that she scavenged from a thrift sale) I knew it was the perfect statement piece.
The can reads: Since 1865 Hamm’s Beer “America’s Classic Premium Beer Born in the land of sky blue waters”
I can just hear that little jingle in my mind from commercials in the 70’s…

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