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Gibson Girl Tallies

Impulse buy number 1,362,468 – A set of what I think are bridge tally cards. The Gibson Girl images are adorned with feathers and sequins so of course they found their way into my basket at the thrift store. Some of the tallies have little note pads glued to the inside so they can be useful around the house for all of the lists of things I have to do…


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Blossoms at Dusk

Yesterday was gorgeous so I did a bit of patio clean-up. Planted, transplanted, thinned, raked etc. We planted a flowering plum along the patio fence a little over a year ago and it has started to bloom again. I love the way the pink blossoms look against the twilight sky. Dreamy…

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Almond blossoms and red bud. Spring is on the way!

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Avery and I went for a walk downtown this morning. Our walk took us past FRANK which is the boutique that sells my totes. It was exciting to see them all lined up out front. I grabbed my camera and drove back to snap some pictures. It is kinda like seeing my kids on stage. 🙂

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It has been a LONG time since I have picked up a paintbrush. Today I was in the mood so decided to paint a picture of Farrah our Airstream. It was fun to get back to this kind of art. It is especially nice when the house is quiet and I have a good chunk of alone time to just dabble.

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Valentine Gnomes

Happy Valentine’s Day! In celebration of today, Avery and Will (again, all on their own!!!) made these adorable Hershey’s Kiss gnomes. The idea came from Family Fun Magazine. They cut the felt, glued the hats in place added the googly eyes and the kiss was transformed into a gnome. Will gave these to his classmates and we are on our way out the door to deliver more to neighbors.

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Fairy Bed

Yesterday Avery made a fairy bed of twigs, nandina branches, daphne leaves and blossoms. Oh, if I were only two inches tall…

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