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Best Birthday Cake Ever!

Today is my birthday and I couldn’t wait to post pictures of the owl cake the kids made for me!!! I was gone most of the morning yesterday which gave them time to create this awesome cake. The only time Jeff helped was to remove the cakes from their pans. Avery and Will did all the rest. I shrieked with joy and amazement when I saw it. I could not help myself! We will have a slice tonight but I will be sad to cut into this beauty!


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Last night I got a call from my dear friend Brenda who informed me that today – yes today – was the annual White Elephant sale in Oakland!!! I swiftly changed my plans so I could be on the road by 8:00 a.m. Traffic was great and the day was beautiful as I drove towards that beacon of thrifting heaven. The wait in line seemed quick as I visited with long time friends and met new ones. Everyone seemed so happy to be there whether they were working at the event or there to shop. It is like a big gathering of kindred spirits! Here are a few pictures of the treasures that I found. Some will end up at totes and others are just perfect the way they are and will end up hanging on my walls. Oh, happy day!

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Here is a peek at two totes that I am working on. Both crewel work pictures were thrifted as well as most of the fabric. The avacado green cord bedspread (didn’t we all have one back in the day?) has been so useful as the base of the tote bag. This fabric is practically indestructible. This is the third bag I have made using the same beadspread and I still have tons left. I will post the completed totes soon!

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Caring for your vintage linens…

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1:
Purchase fabulous vintage linens.

Step 2:
Remove tags and gently wash.

Step 3:
Dry fabulous vintage linens.

Step 4:
Check to make sure they are ready.

Step 5:
Cozy on in and take a nap…

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Collecting crewel work embroidery has been a fun endeavor. Some of it ends up as tote bags, but some of it is just so wonderful, I have to hang it on the wall for everyday enjoyment. This example is definitely one to hang up. I have it in our dining area now. I can’t remember quite where I found it or how much I paid (although I know it was under $10.00). Looking at it close up, you can see how the different stitches were meant to capture the thick paint and brush strokes. I am so glad this beauty found it’s way into our home!

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Open Window Studio

Over ten years ago I had been trying to come up with a business name. This was not an easy thing to do. I wanted something that wasn’t specific to one art style. It needed to be whimsical but meaningful as well. I was looking out the kitchen window of our 1940’s cottage one day and was overwhelmed with the feeling of happiness, thankfulness and contentment. The sun was shining in on me and at that moment, all was right with the world. Not long after that happened, the name Open Window Studio popped into my head. It was the perfect name! For our anniversary, Jeff surprised me by securing openwindowstudio.com. I had no idea at that time how useful this would be. Jeff, thank you for having the foresight to give me this gift! Last Friday I found a plate at a thrift store with a window image on it (top left image) and then looked through my old books for more. As I sit here typing this entry, I am next to another window that looks on to our patio. Again I am happy, thankful and content.

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The kids made cupcakes for their grandma’s birthday this afternoon. The recipe came from a great book that Avery got for Christmas called “What’s New, Cupcake?” by Karen Tack. They picked a recipe for chocolate cupcakes decorated to look like chrysanthemums. The petals are mini marshmallows cut diagonally and dipped in colored sugar. Tropical Mike and Ike’s candy were used for the center of the flower. They turned out so amazingly beautiful. We just finished eating them. They tasted as good as they look. Happy Birthday Grandma!

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