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Fairy Garden

Avery (which by the way means “Queen (or King) of the Elves”) built this little fairy garden at the base of our old apricot tree. I am mesmerized by the cuteness and detail of it. The pieces come from all over. I found the little fairy door at an antique store in Felton, CA and the beach glass and pottery shards came from Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, CA. The little gnome was found at Savers and the green foot bridge was found by my awesome sister-in-law and niece at our favorite junk spot in Martinsburgh, PA. Avery loves to collect shells so the shells are probably from one of her beach combing excursions in Santa Cruz. It all comes together in this little magical scene that I can see from my bedroom window.


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Delicious color combo

Yesterday our lemonade stand turned into a persimmon stand. When I put the burnt orange beauties on the turquoise stand, my heart skipped a beat! This color combo has to be one of my all time favorites!! We checked on the stand last night and only three were left. This morning they were all gone. I can smell the persimmon bread baking already…

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Today I am thankful for family walks, rocks *almost* shaped like hearts, cool weather, mist on my face, the color and beauty of God’s nature. I am so grateful.

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Rockabilly Baby Quilt!

It happened yesterday on the way home from the grocery store… That unexplainable pull towards the big Salvation Army store as I drove down Winchester Blvd. towards home… When I feel this pull, it is most often times worth going inside to check out the merch. This time was no different. In this economy I have noticed a lot of thrift stores, especially this one, have not had as much to offer in the way of cool treasures but sometimes I am surprised at what I find. Yesterday I scored this amazing hand pieced baby quilt ($2.80) with peeks of dancing figures scattered around. This was tucked in around some dismal, faded and ratty looking bedding, SCORE! I am in love with it. I also found two practically new GAP sweatshirts for Will and some sweatpants for Jeff. It was half price Wednesday (for clothes) so each of those items was around $1.50. Oh, happy day!!!

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My woven tags arrived! I like how official it makes things look. This “Prince Charming” tote is headed to the store today. I am shamelessly in love with it and really want to keep it… sigh…

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Angel and Zombie…

I was away this year for Halloween so the costumes were put together way in advance. We did fittings, make-up and hair for a photo-shoot a few days before I left. Here are the results. I love the glow on the angel wing and the goofy zombie face with the one grown-up tooth sticking out…Priceless…

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Making greeting cards

Got fabric scraps? Great! Go to Michaels, buy some blank cards and get busy!! Sewing on paper is so much fun. I recommend it if you haven’t done it before. I used fusible webbing to stick the small fabric pieces down and ironed them right on to the cards. This makes it easier so the fabric doesn’t slip around on the smooth paper. The zig-zag stitch is always a favorite for me. I continued the kite string all the way to the back and off the card. They look cool on the inside too! 🙂

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