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So yesterday was my 43rd birthday. I was gone all day but came home to this…It looked so good that I woke up Jeff and Avery and tried to wake up Will (he is a very sound sleeper) and we three had a slice of this delicious German chocolate cake at 10:30 pm. It is fun eating cake late at night. I recommend it!

The day started off early with a drive to Oakland to the White Elephant Sale benefiting the Oakland Museum. I had met my friend Lisa here last year so we decided to do it again this year. Since we were familiar with the lay out of the warehouse and each of us knew what we were looking for, as soon as we entered, we made a bee-line to our favorite areas. First I hit the linens area where I found these fabulous crewel work and needlepoint pillows that will be turned into totes. I found some other things too that i will post tomorrow. Next, I headed to the sewing section that has loads of fabrics, trims, buttons and finished embroidery. This is where I found the little rooster crewel work bell pull and the fab owl stitchery. After the Elephant sale, we went to Berkeley and ate brunch at the wonderful Rick and Ann’s Cafe then headed to Fourth St. for more shopping and lots of talking and catching up. The day ended at a Japanese restaurant where at the next table another Karen was celebrating her birthday. When they found out that it was my birthday too, I got a dish of green tea ice cream and the birthday song sung to me by Lisa, two waitresses and a table full of kindly strangers. It was the perfect day!


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Today is dress rehearsal and picture day! Avery got her costume, make-up and hair done and we high tailed it to school. Mary and I finished up adding finishing touches to the set this morning. It feels so great to have this project all done and to have it look so bright, colorful and cheerful! Seeing the kids in costume this morning was a real teaser for the play. I am looking forward to seeing the whole production from start to finish. It has been such a fun experience. Mary, wadda ya say we do it again next year?!

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Spend $1.50 on a cup of coffee or spend $1.50 on a sweet little lid-less teapot…? Hmmm… not a hard choice. Definitely the little lid-less teapot.

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Here are some pictures to show the progress of the stage set. We are having a lot of fun. I will post more detail shots later…

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*Colorful Mushrooms*

We are in the midst of the school play. For the last two weeks my good friend Mary and I have been having a great time painting the sets for the stage. It is in an Irish theme so Mary designed a backdrop of rolling hills, stone walls, a castle, and to top it all off, a glittering rainbow. I will be posting more of that later but for today, here are some of the colorful mushrooms I painted on foam core. They will be scattered around on the hills. This has been an all consuming project so my next few posts are likely to be on this subject. With the luck-o-the-Irish, we will be done by the end of next week!

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No pictures today, just the story of my morning so here it is… I have been looking forward to a trip to San Francisco with my friend Ann to see the Van Gogh, Gauguin, C├ęzanne and Beyond exhibition at the De Young Museum and today was the day! I got up early to ensure that everything would run smoothly. The following events happened between 7:55- 8:30 am this morning…

1. Plugged my GPS (her name is Genevieve) into the car just to get the morning started right. The address was written on a piece of paper so I could type it into the GPS when I left to pick up Ann.

2. The kids and I are all in the mini van but Avery forgot her trumpet so she jumped out to get it.

3. Our mini van (her name is June Clever) had a dead battery and wouldn’t start.

4. We shift cars to Jeff’s truck but the back seat is overflowing with sleeping bags, beach chairs and a cooler. The kids and I unload swiftly and pile in the truck.

5. The mini van is parked BEHIND the huge F150.

6. I start taking mini movements back and forth to try to get out of the small area with out harming June Cleaver. Then, CrAcK… I jump out and check on June. Her front headlight is cracked.

7. I run into the house like a damsel in distress to get Jeff to help us. I put June in neutral and the kids and Jeff push June back to give us more room to back out.

8. We are free and start heading down the driveway. I glance at the fuel gauge and it is on EMPYT!!!

9. As I drive the kids to school, they compose a speech to give the ladies at the office as to why they are tardy. The sun is so blinding on the window I have to drive 3 mph just for safety.

10. I drop the kids off at school and high tail it to the gas station. The clock is ticking…

11. While I wait for the gas to pump, I decide to type in the address into my GPS. I hear a crunch… the glass front of the GPS cracks and no matter how many times I press the area to continue, nothing happens. Genevieve is broken… I loved her…

12. I realized that I have forgotten my phone and head home to get it and to print out directions to the De Young. I get home, grab the phone then search for the museum address on my computer and press print. The printer is forebodingly dark… not a good sign. I call for Jeff again and he informs me that the printer is unplugged and will take a while to warm up to print. I get out my trusty pen and paper and write the directions the old fashioned way.

13. I said goodbye to Jeff and told him that with the way my day started, I may not be back and thanked him for a good life together.

I am happy to say that after all of this, the drive to and from the museum was uneventful and the exhibit was simply wonderful. I am hoping for a really low key regular day tomorrow.

Good night!

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First day of Spring?

The weather today is gorgeous! I just came in from planting flowers. I hope that I am not too early and all of these beauties get frost bite. I just couldn’t help myself… violas and pansies in the front bed and snap dragons and calendulas in the window box.

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