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Today we took a bike ride to the park for our annual Christmas picture taking. We tried it yesterday but the sun had already gone down behind the mountains so we tried again today. It was a beautiful crisp and clear day and perfect for taking pictures. We got “the one” for the Christmas picture then enjoyed the slanting sunlight as it turned everything golden. Ok, enough of the Norman Rockwell images, we had to go home because Will accidentally “skipped” a rock onto his sister’s forehead instead of into the lake… She has two goose eggs on her head but is in better spirits after a left over Thanksgiving feast including pumpkin pie for dessert.


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Bartering with Bee

Several months ago while I was visiting in Samba in Sac I noticed this amazing stack of barkcloth fabric on her dining room table. I inquired about it and found out that it belonged to Bee who is fond of vintage treasures like me. Bee came over that afternoon and we struck a deal. I would make her a tote and then I could keep the remaining fabric! Check out this fabulous stuff! Circus themed barkcloth with clowns, giraffe, monkey, elephant and even a strong man! There is enough left to make quite a few more of these. I lined the tote with gray and white mini polka dots then trimmed it with pink ball fringe. I love this tote! Bee, hope you enjoy!!!

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Treasure Box

original reciepts dated the year I was born!

a pamphlet on how to iron your clothes!

I am happy to say that my technical guy (aka Jeff) has been able to fix my aged computer. I have missed spending time here and am glad to be back in the blogosphere! The first thing I would like to share is that I have found a new friend to thrift with. She is a mom from Will’s class. She also has a son named Will and the boys became friends in class this year. We then discovered our mutual love of gnomes which lead to our discussing and eventually going thrifting together. I found this treasure box on our trip to Salvie’s Boutique. I had seen an adorable cookie jar shaped like a barn a few days earlier and I wanted to check to see if it was still there. Alas, it was gone but I found this sewing box instead. The box is great but when I opened the lid, that is when the fun began. Here are a few pictures of the treasures inside. Not pictured are a pair of Cubic Zirconia type earrings (around 1.5 carats each).

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