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Flip Flop tote!

Can you tell this was a fun one to make? It was ordered by my friend Heidi for her friend Kim’s birthday gift. Kim loves flip flops and bright colors. Heidi choose the blue-black denim for the base, I found the zebra then the bright floral was from my stash. I tried my hand at a blanket stitch around the little zebra flowers and I really like how that turned out. I will pop this in the mail tomorrow!


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~Post Card~

Ms. Samba in Sac found this post card at an estate sale on Monday, dropped it in the mail and it arrived on my door step this afternoon. The phrase “they just don’t make them like they use to” is a very accurate statement with regards to this lovely piece of vintage ephemera. The detail is amazing. There is gold foil, embossing, a piece of embroidered ribbon sandwiched between the double layer of paper as well as a sweet green ribbon tied in a bow. Thanks Ms. Samba! You sure do know what I like!

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Treasure found!

This time the treasure was in the form of lovely crochet flowers made long ago. I found them in the “sewing” section of Thrift Town. They have a similar look to those vintage crochet hangers that can be found in antique shops from time to time. Ms. Samba in Sac had the idea to turn them into corsages by adding a pin closure to the back. I am looking forward to doing this and maybe it will be the first item I put in my Etsy shop…? I have to just take the plunge and do it!!! I will report back on this later…

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Another Gnew Gnome

I apologize for my lack of entries so far this month. September is always tricky with getting back into the routine and getting things in order for the school year. With that being said, this has been quite a pleasant month. Both kids are very happy with their teachers and classmates and I have been able get a few things on the calendar like starting a yoga class that I am committed to and going for walks after the kids are in school.
Ok, enough of that, now on to the really fun stuff like finding a new gnome to live here at our house! This one was found in the “Boutique” section at Salvie’s. I had to shell out $4.99 for him but c’mon, how could I NOT have? As you can see, I tried out several locations for him until I found the perfect place. He looks quite cozy in the hanging basket under the bacopa plant.

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A handbag for Tomoko

If patience is a virtue, then Tomoko is one virtuous lady indeed. I am truly embarrassed to even think about how long this one has been on order. I just dropped it off at her house and she was gracious, understanding and really seemed to love her new handbag. I had made one similar to this but Tomoko wanted it a little smaller and tweaked a bit. I am really happy with the finished product. I always get a little rush of happiness when something is delivered and well received which in turn makes me want to get right back to the sewing machine and design the next thing…

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Whooo could resist an owl? I guess I can’t because all of these feathered friends belong to moi! They have been either gifted by understanding friends and family who know my weakness or I have purchased them for myself. I remember as a kid thinking owl stuff was kinda tacky but as I get older, tacky seems to get better. I am not sure why… The following pictures are a small sampling of a larger collection.

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