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This was the last tote that I made before the party last weekend. I found the fabric at the Good Will the day before. I fell in love with the print and colors… pure eye candy! I used a pretty stiff fusible interfacing to make the bag sturdier. It was the first bag to sell and the woman who bought it had on a purple top that looked like it was made to match. The printing on the selvedge says “Jungle Party, A Rowe Fabric.” I looked up Rowe Fabric on ebay and there were other designs for sale but none as fab as this one. I am guessing it is early 1970’s.


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Blue jean beach bag

This one kind of evolved while I was making it. The I liked the idea of blue jean waves but they didn’t show up enough next to the striped fabric so I lined them with the cotton twine which gave it a more nautical feel. Then because my philosophy in most cases is “more is more” I outlined *EveRyThinG* with the twine. The striped fabric has been in the stash for a long time so it felt good to finally put it to use. Jeff supplied the old jeans. The result is a super heavy duty and beach worthy carry-all.

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Secret meadow totes

Take a closer look and you will find some little creatures hiding in the print of these totes. There is a snail and a green caterpillar to name two. There was enough fabric in this remnant to make two bags but really wish I had more of this cheerful stuff!

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This one was made for my friend Chris. I am really happy with how it turned out which is a good thing since Chris and I meet at the pool with the kids numerous times during the summer. Chris’s favorite color is orange so this thrifted fabric fit the bill. The “sun” was made out of a vintage straw trivet and topped with a fabric flower and a big button. Chris, see you at the pool!

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Yes, I am still sewing things for the party this weekend. I did these a few days ago. This style of handbag was the best seller at the last party so I want to make more. I promise I will talk about something else after this weekend! I promise!!

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One week and counting

Caterpillar book bag


I have been busy in the workshop (aka dining room table) sewing like a mad woman to be ready for the Spring party at Krista’s house next weekend. Here is another completed tote…

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Thrift paintings

Searching for art at the thrift stores can be thrilling! I have had the best luck at the Salvation Army and the Goodwill (these beauties were found at these stores respectively). Rotating art is great for small houses but you have to be fearless when it comes to hammering holes in walls. I have also started using the Command by 3M adhesive hangers. They hold quite a bit of weight without any nails.

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