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Monotype workshop

ink on plexiglass palette

brayers for inking plate

painted plate ready for printing

completed monotype

Last night I had the unique opportunity of taking a monotype workshop at the San Jose Institute for Contemporary Art. It was so much fun to learn a new technique for making art in the company of great friends, good food and good drink. The process includes mixing printing ink with special oils and some stuff called “Miracle Gel.” The glass table top became our ink mixing area. We then applied the ink to a thin flexible plexiglass plate using a rolling tool called a brayer. There are a lot of techniques for creating different kinds of effects. When the background looked the way I wanted it to, I used a q-tip to draw and image on the plate. I guess my default image lately has been the owl so that seemed like the perfect thing to draw. The painted plate is then placed on a machine that presses 1,200 pounds of pressure on to a special kind of printing paper. We had six women in our group and it was fun to see the different techniques and colors used. When I showed Avery my finished piece, she pointed out that I had forgotten to add a beak to the owl. I may try to collage something on it later.


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Lucky horseshoe

This tote was ordered for a little girl who loves horses. The thought of putting a horse on the front (that looked halfway like a horse) was a little daunting to me. I tried out a horseshoe motif instead. The little stars add a bit of bling. There was a cute iron-on patch at JoAnn Fabric so I attached that on the pocket. Most all of the fabrics and trims used here are new but the sunny yellow lining fabric is a thrifted piece from Savers.

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Krista ordered this bag in November and I am thankful for her patience. She requested a horizontal bag with room for her knitting needles at the bottom. She also requested a snail motif for the front. I plan to deliver this to her today.

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More signs of spring…

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A peacock cape

This year I am helping out with costumes for the school play. I was so excited when I found out that the peacock was one of my characters. I have a huge fondness for peacocks! It got really exciting when I went to Michaels today. They had these glittery peacock feathers on sale for only 11 cents each. Then I went to Joann Fabrics and it all just fell into place. I found some crazy fabrics and trims like kelly green netting, purple sequined polyester and royal blue satin ribbon. The base of the cape was a piece of thrifted aqua fabric that I have had in my stash. It went together pretty quickly and since it is a costume, I didn’t worry too much about straight sewing or a little puckering here and there. I can’t wait to see this cape under the stage lights!

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Princess Flower

Before my good friend Marie moved back to Sweden, she gave me this beautiful princess flower plant. I went out to the patio yesterday and found that it had started to bloom. I love the combination of colors of this plant, electric purple, magenta and green. Thank you Marie, come back and visit your princess flower any time you want!

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Blanco and Whitey

So I when your Sister-in-Law and Brother-in-Law give you two unpainted vintage gnomes for Christmas, you know you have married into the right family. That is exactly what happened to me and I will be forever grateful. The names came to me for obvious reasons – Blanco and Whitey. They have been hanging out in the kitchen since Dec. 25th.

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