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A good rainy day project

This is a fun holiday project for grown ups and kids alike. We did this a few years ago and each holiday Avery requests to do it again. The day after Thanksgiving was rainy so this project was perfect and usually everything needed is in our cupboard and hanging on our orange tree. Avery decided to use Cuties (clementines) instead this year. These pomanders are fun and fast to make, look beautiful and smell divine.


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“Mod” linen samples

These fabric swatches were hanging among the old place mats and yardage yesterday at Savers. They were so loud and wonderful, I couldn’t help but put them in my cart. They must be fabric samples from the 60’s or 70’s. The linen is a really nice weight and quality. They will be fun to work with. Avery picked out a swatch and has started to make a purse. I will post it when it is complete.

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Black Friday

The phrase Black Friday has always sounded depressing to me. Who wants to get up at before the sun rises (not me!) then deal with the traffic (eeew!) and stand in line with coupon crazed customers (no way!). Mom suggested we go to the thrift stores instead. Now that is more like it! We started out at Salvie’s then to the Goodwill. Wow, did I score big today! In the collectible isle on a middle shelf behind some chotchky was a beautiful little bud vase. I carefully snatched it up and on closer inspection, found that it was a piece of Roseville art pottery. It is a beauty. When I got home I looked it up on ebay and found that it is the Baneda pattern and the shape is 605-6. The seller was asking $579.99 for it. Yes, you read that right… $579.99 (I paid less than $5.00). I really don’t think they will get that price but it makes for a great thrift store treasure finding story. It is now on our mantel looking very at home there.

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Non-traditional tradition

Ever since we moved to the Bay Area we have started our own tradition of going to the beach for Thanksgiving. Yesterday we were so happy to have Grandma and Grandpa join us for this fun time. We brought turkey sandwiches and Grandma made the most delicious lemon pie. The rest of the afternoon we played on the beach or sat and enjoyed the gorgeous view. Coming home to a crock pot meal with no stress is the best kind of Thanksgiving I can think of.

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Autumn jewels

I was at Roberta’s house on Friday and had to take some pictures of her persimmons. They seemed to be glowing on the tree.

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Works in progress…

The fun part is doing the appliques. Now it is time to get busy and make the totes.

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Turtle tote complete!

I am glad to say that I finally finished the turtle tote! I had to wait until sunset to photograph it. I just love the golden glow of an Autumn sunset.

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