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Happy Pumpkin Day!

Pumpkin on Teal    KBH 1998Like I mentioned before, I love to paint pumpkins. I would rather paint them than carve them. I leave the carving to Jeff and the kids.


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Halloween past…

The Cavanaugh Way gangI was so fortunate to grow up on a street with great neighbors. Some of my best memories are getting together with the families on our street for bbq parties, fire works on the 4th, Christmas gatherings, and trick-or-treating. The best thing is, I am still good friends with all of these people and their parents have become good friends of mine too. I love this picture because all the costumes are obviously home made and beautifully done. I, of course, am the gypsy.

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Venus Fly Trap

img_4323img_4324How cool is this plant?! I remember being fascinated with them as a kid and I am still fascinated with them thirty-something years later. I got this one at the Grocery Outlet for around three bucks. Better than the $6.99 at Trader Joe’s. It was a birthday gift for Avery and we have enjoyed watching it grow and touching the “teeth” and watching the “jaws” close.

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img_4403img_4408img_4415Continuing my post from yesterday, I found some cool stuff at Savers! For my crafting, I found a little baggie filled with about 10 spools of thread (featured in my new header picture) and eight packages of bias tape along with some wool yarn for doing crewel work. The bag was only 99 cents! I also found four placemats for hand bags. I stayed up til midnight and worked on one. Lastly, I found a sample book of vinyl fabric in lots of great colors. I will use it for cutting out appliques because vinyl doesn’t fray!

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Couldn’t resist…

img_4377img_4384img_4390It has been a while since I have gone thrifting. I have been trying really hard to not bring more stuff into the house. Today I went to Savers to get stuff for the kid’s costumes. I was able to resist plate after dish after fabric remnant but when I saw this sweet little creamer and sugar I just had to put it in my cart. I love how all this old china from Japan is hand painted in the sweetest florals. This one is in perfect condition and the opalescent orange banding is icing on the cake. I will share more of my finds tomorrow.

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Fun with glue

img_4322img_4317Remember how fun it was to let glue dry on your fingers and then peel it off ? If that was your kind of fun then this craft is for you! I found this on Familyfun.com. I helped the kids in Avery’s class do this on Tuesday and they loved it. It is really simple too. Start with a sheet of wax paper. Place a 18 inch section of cotton twine on the paper in the shape of a ghost. Fill in with glue and make sure the glue reaches all edges of the twine. Complete with google eyes and a black paper punched mouth. Let it dry all the way (takes one or two days) and peel off your ghost. Punch a hole at the top and string with more cotton twine or ribbon. Kids love it!

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Halloween Gypsy

kbf00032With Halloween just around the corner, costumes are a main topic of conversation around here. When I was a kid, my *FavOritE* thing to dress up as was a gypsy. I was actually a gypsy for most of my childhood. And even when I wasn’t a gypsy (the year I wore a leotard and tights and pinned purple balloons all over my body hoping to like a bunch of grapes) I should have just kept to what worked. My favorite thing about this costume was pulling out my mom’s big jewelry box that was packed away in her closet and looking through it to find the biggest and most sparkling necklaces and bracelets. And when I was older, the make-up was a huge plus.

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