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Prime Time!

I would say that I have never been the kind of girl who loves white. Color is more my style. That all changed yesterday when the painters came and primed our kitchen! primed kitchen #1primed kitchen #2!


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Peacock feather tote

peacock feather toteThe tote is complete! I am very pleased with how it turned out. I knew that crazy thrifted fabric would come in handy some day…

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A tote for Mary

img_4045img_4044I have been invited to a birthday party for my friend Mary. I met Mary in line at Trader Joe’s over five years ago. Since then, I have enjoyed getting to know this super energetic, smart, extremely funny, creative and generous person. She is just WonDerFuL! I wanted to make her something and since her favorite colors are purple and green I thought a peacock feather would fit the bill. Here are the beginnings of Mary’s tote…

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More clay time

img_3983img_3985img_3995I had a little bit of free time yesterday so I headed to Roberta’s studio. Lily kept me company while I decorated the pumpkin tile with some tinted slip. I also finished up a turtle tile for my aunt. After these are decorated with slip they are ready for the bisque fire.

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Eucalyptus pods

img_3992Yesterday we spent the day at the beach. Roberta had mentioned a few days ago that I should look for some eucalyptus pods to use as decorative stamps for clay projects. There are groves of these trees along the coast. I found these beauties on the sidewalk next to the beach parking lot. I tried them out today and here is the result…

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Floribunda by Mikasa

img_3823img_3822img_3819This pattern by Mikasa is one of my favorites! I found a stack of three of them at the Goodwill in Mountain View today!!! They are usually around $7.00 a piece but I got them for $2.99 each. I have always passed them by because there is no way I will spend over seven bucks on a thrifted plate. Now I have a set of three and will continue to be on the look out for more…

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Summer in September

When the calendar turns to September I always long to make soup and throw on a sweater. The hard reality is that September always seems hotter than August… Maybe I will blow up a little inflatable pool and splash in the water like old times. 🙂kbf00020

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